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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TITU Learning?

TITU Learning is connected with you all from last 3 years as a YouTube channel and have 2.75 lakh + happy parents associated with us.

We believe in connecting kids with easy learning and making them self driven. TITU Learning whole process works around this vision. From Hin-glish videos to self driven assignments and assignment videos to interactive quizzes, every step helps to bring this vision into reality. TITU Learning is the learning App, for each Indian family, which makes learning from rocket science to approachable and learnable. This App is in reality for those Indian parents who love conceptual learning over just marks.


Who are the people behind TITU Learning?

TITU Learning was started by Anshu Khandelwal, a software engineer, classical dancer, and ultra runner, who believes in making things easy to make things big. The team comprises of specialized creators, storytellers, educators who thoughtfully create each content on sitting the ground of kid’s world to make learning fun and easy to grasp.


What age group is TITU Learning's content suitable for?

2 – 9 years


What topics are covered in TITU Learning’s content?

Amazing Facts (All time Free content) – Facts which enhances the vision and power of thinking for kids

Environment Science - Animals, Plants, Professions, Places , the list is long...

Maths - Concept Learning

English - Concepts Learning, Spelling Learning, Structure of alphabets learning to sentences learning.

Hindi - Language Learning

Revision Learning – Quiz videos to revise concepts easily

Art and Craft – Art is part of life and Learning, so is of TITU Learning

Sunday Funday Videos – Incorporates videos from morals to knowing real life super heroes, from this earth to knowing inventions or discoveries.


What languages is TITU Learning's content available in?

Let’s not make language any more a barrier in between kids and learning. Hin-glish (the most acceptable language in India) is the language used by TITU Learning to make knowledge easily fitting into the subconscious of kids.


How does one start using TITU Learning?

It is very easy and simple. Download the TITU Learning app on Play Store. Sign up with your phone number and child’s name and age and you’re ready to explore TITU learning’s resources. Also explore our App demo video to know how to use it.


How to understand that how much is your content beneficial for my kid ?

In each course we have few free resources available so that you can properly understand how its curated as per the need of kindergarten kids and will it be helpful to your little one.  


What should I do, If I like your content and want to access your premium content ?

Great ! Our premium content is available for you in very nominal prices. You just need to click on the locked content/course which you want to unlock and can pay online. 


What other benefits do TITU Learning's subscribers get?

TITU Learning's subscribers get access to brand new content and features every month.



I am running a preschool; do you have an offering that I can use?

We offer TITU Learning’s resources to Schools on easy plans to make their preschoolers get online enabled. In facts TITU Learning is the finest app to connect you and your preschool kids in this pandemic without any hindrance.

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