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Summer Study

Utilize Summer Days

Make your Kid New Session Ready


Study the new way....

Make base with Summer Study

Summers are back !

Days are long.... Heat is scorching...

Going out is no fun so

Lets make inside time more fun and future building. 

TITU Learning presents 2 month Summer Study Workshop to make your Kid ready for upcoming session

- Class 1 & Class 2 Courses

- Environmental Science & Math Subject

 - CBSE Syllabus

- White board animation Videos for concept building

- 2 EVS and 2 Math Videos every week

- Assignment associated with each Video

- Concept revision, Assignment analysis on LIVE one to one session with qualified teacher

- One test in every week

- 8 Week, 32+ Videos, 32+ assignments, 16 LIVE one to one sessions

- Feedback on improvement areas and PTM on Workshop completion

- Completion Certificate

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